Official Rules

Gift Card Sweepstakes Official Rules

There are no need to spend money in order to win sweepstakes prizes.

1. Rules of sponsor. Our sponsor will enter name of consumers who participates in online or telephonic survey from winning gifts based on drawings made on nightly basis. It is to be remembered that the sponsor has the power on its own to modify, change or even cancel the sweepstakes gift in parts or the total part.

2. Know the eligibility. There are some eligibilty rules to abide in order to take part in the survey for winning gifts. They are (1) residing legally in the United States of America; (2) should be atleast 18 years of age; (3) should possess right telephone number and e-mail address; (4) should take part through internet or telephone in the sponsor affiliated survey which in under the only disposition of the sponsor. For the purpose of taking part through telephone, you must also allow the sponsor the required permission to contact you through telephone as later mentioned in Section 4. THE PARTICIPANT DO NOT NEED TO SPEND ANY MONEY IN ORDER TO WIN PRIZES. THE OTHER WAY TO TAKE PART IS BY NOT GIVING SURVEY OR NOT ALLOWING TO BE CONTACTED ONLY THROUGH READING THE RULES AND DOING ACCORDINGLY AS MENTIONED IN SECTION 5. The person who are not eligible to take part in the survey includes the people associated with the Sponsor such as immediate family and person sharing household with them. The associated memebers of the Sponsors like subsidaries, parents and also affiliates, it also includes the gift suppliers along with the agencies involved are also denied to enter.

3. Ways to play. You are only eligible to take part in the survey to win prizes by fiiling ou the form available on or by third-party websites through sponsor's choice. You can play once per day.

4. Call in options. Except for following Section 5 of the Official Rules, you are subjected to get call from sponsors by participating in the sweepstake through landline or cellphone even if your registered in the federal Do-Not-Call (DNC) list. You will get phone calls from sponsors for the purpose of invitation and also for: (1) for promotoions of more sweepstake offers; (2) to get services and goods; (3) to get notified about winning. If you do not wished to be called, you can contact the sponsor by email or phone to convey it. With the submission of entry, you are being liable to be contacted by sponsor along with partners and affiliates through email. You will receive news about more sweepstake offers and other inivitations. You can opt out from receiving this emails by unsubscription.

5. Other ways to participate. By using different link to submit entry form in, you deny permission to the sponsor to get in contact with you.
NOTE: You can get specific ways to get contact only if you can grant limited permission to contact at the time of filling online survey for taking part in the sweepstake.

6. Prizes to win. Three (3) gifts can be won per day. The winners are identified through their telephone number submitted during the survey. Ramdom draw takes place in 11:59 a.m. Eastern US Standard Time and selects three (3) phone numbers from all participants to declare winners. Winners get stored gift card valued at $50.00 of the reltailers chosen by the sponsors. The probability to win depends on the entries that took part in the survey. The winners get gifts through mail service or internet by the sponsors after the entrants are checked. The prizes which are not claimed will not be given.

7. Deferral for right to sue. You abide to waive the right for petition to the sponsor by taking part in the sweepastake in regulation, rule, federal or state statute which includes (not restricrted to) Telephone Consumer Protection Act, 1991 (TCPA), the organizations directing the TCPA like Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission in group or as single entity. With the help of permanent mediation, disputation among sponsor and you shall be settled inspite of any legal formailities or claims on the case. The choice of mediator remains in the hands of the sponsor. The litigation process with the mediator can be possible through phone calls or internet as decided by them. The law should be befitting to the side bring up the legal dealings.

Sponsor: Amazing Sweeps

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# 217 Orlando,
FL  32810-1023, USA
Ph.: (+1)-407-477-4046